About us

ACRED was created by organizations who – by virtue of their mission – have a need for community-led, non-profit real estate development. The founding organizations have many years of experience in different aspects of community-led real estate development and management. By forming an alliance, their aim is to make this knowledge available as widely as possible.


The founding organisations

  • Periféria Policy and Research Center (periferiacenter.com): Periféria Center is concerned with urban development and housing policy. Its members are recognized experts on housing issues who have been working for many years on the implementation of the rental-based housing cooperative model in Hungary.

  • Gólya Cooperative (golyaszovetkezet.hu): Gólya implemented its own large-scale real estate development in 2018/2019. It purchased and renovated a building that currently accommodates the Kazán Community House and the Gólya Cooperative. That project gave rise to the Gólya Builders team, who now undertake maintenance and renovation work. For ACRED, the Gólya Builders are a significant asset in the field of non-residential community-led real estate development.

  • Zugló Collective House Association: ZCHA was the first post-1989 rental-based housing cooperative in Budapest. Its members now aim to create further projects that operate on similar principles, within the ACRED network.

  • Solidarity Economy Center (szolidarisgazdasagkozpont.hu): founded in 2019, SEC supports organizations that implement the principles of economic democracy. It brings to ACRED expertise in implementing the principles of solidarity economy – openness, network-building, social solidarity, and keeping resources within a mutually reinforcing network.

Organizational chart