Community-based real estate development

Rather than maximizing developer’s profit, community-based real estate development aims to maximize benefit to the community.


We follow a model of community-based real estate development that is cost-effective, builds on the existing (material and knowledge) resources of the community, and maximizes the involvement of the future users in the development process. In this model, the developer tailors the legal and financial aspects of the project to the needs and means of the property and the community. Community participation is accompanied by a high level of professionalism.


 We are also committed to social and environmental sustainability. ACRED favours organizational forms based on cooperative principles, particularly horizontal cooperation. ACRED also promotes patient investment models of finance that are aimed at positive social impact. Our projects therefore rely on community financing and socially sensitive financiers.

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Community building management

Compared to traditional arrangements, community ownership, especially by an alliance of organizations with varied profiles, offers a more stable and crisis-resistant form of property use. For organizations that uphold similar values, space sharing can create synergies and strengthen the individual organizations. Because the tenant organizations pay affordable rents and run the building democratically, they are committed to maintain the building in the long run, to the benefit of financial and organizational management.


ACRED intends in the medium term to add management of apartments to its activities. Our ambition is to take over the renovation and management of apartments owned by private individuals and create long-term affordable rentals.