What we do

Community real estate development

Community real estate development aims to create economically sustainable, affordable properties that meet the needs of the community. At ACRED, we work on both:

The real estate development will build on the material resources and insight of communities. We use participatory methods to involve the future users of the property in the developmental process, so that they can shape the property according to their needs from the start. The legal and financial models for development are flexible to meet the needs and opportunities of both the property and the community.

Social and environmental responsibility and sustainability are core values for ACRED.

Community operation

In addition to real estate development, we have also gained considerable experience in operating community-owned buildings in recent years. The most important thing about community management is that the organisations using the building have the opportunity to assert their own needs in relation to the building and are also informed transparently about the finances of the whole building.

The ACRED community operation model is based on four pillars: